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We provide personal service in vehicle tracking and fleet management. Digit 247 Tracking install tracking devices, live video streaming and recording equipment, live fuel tracking sensors and monitoring systems in cars, trucks and construction equipment.

We are indeed the only service provider that you need in the Vehicle tracking and fleet management area as we do offer a full house of products that will ensure we got you covered.

From privately owned vehicles, trailers, boats, motorbikes, and scooters to company vehicles ranging from one vehicle to fleets of over 500 vehicles.

Our award-winning fleet management software provides more information faster than any other fleet management system on the market.

We also got you covered with 24-hour recovery and control room.
The Digit tracking service is complemented by excellent recovery and monitoring software, battery disconnect warnings, self-test facility, find the nearest vehicle and of course our highly-recommended strip and immobilize system.
Backed by ground and air recovery teams that not only have the hands-on approach but also more than 27 years of experience to give them the knowledge and modus operandi intelligence to effect excellent retrievals

We can provide the following solutions to our valued customers:

Private Users:

PERSONAL SAFETY & SECURITY!  Family Safety, Vehicle Recovery, Monitor young drivers, Set Locations









DFind – Vehicle Tracking, Recovery, and cell phone app

Dlite Private – Vehicle Tracking, recovery, cell phone app and web-based software

DCUT – Vehicle tracking, Recovery, cell phone app, web-based software + THE ABILITY TO REMOTELY STOP YOUR CAR WITH A SMS

DPack – A solution perfect for your trailer, boat or caravan. This device has a 24-month battery live and does not need to be installed by a technician. Get daily updates on location


Delivery vehicles, Plumbers, elections, Sales Reps, Consultants, Couriers, Maintenance vehicles, Car Hire, Cold Storage, Public Transport, Security , and more…


  • From 1 vehicle to a fleet of 1000 vehicles, we got the perfect solution for you.
  • Provide you with the business management tools to ensure optimum performance
  • Monitor driver performance, time,  speeding, time stopped, locations, trip duration, etc.
  • Monitor who was driving when with the DTag solution
  • Automated SARS Logbook
  • Live Cold Storage monitoring solutions
  • Fast reports that is not web based – save you time and data

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Now with the best live fuel monitoring in the business. Stop Diesel theft in its tracks
  • Let us assist you in ensuring your fleet runs as profitable as possible.
  • One System does it all :
    1. Vehicle Tracking and recovery on both the horse and trailer
    2. Fleet Management
    3. Software available off line – We provide more data faster than any other system
    4. Live diesel monitoring from your vehicle to your cell phone and computer
    5. Live video streaming of up to 5 cameras per vehicle covering every angle for easy incident investigation  from your vehicle to your cell phone and computer

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Tractors, Fuel Bowsers, Logging Trucks, Harvesters, Excavator, Vibratory Compactor, Tractors Trailers, Tipper, Cranes






  • Live Diesel Monitoring
  • Dtag on Fuel Bowser will allow accurate reporting of Diesel issues to person / vehicles
  • Running time and location of equipment

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Pets, Luggage, Bicycles, Persons, Trailers, etc

Digit Porti

It is a Waterproof IP66 personal tracker suitable for People, Guards, Children, Assets, Pets and also parcels. With its easy to use features and rugged nature, the Porti is equipped with an SOS button.  A person using the device is only one click away from calling the programmed numbers for help.  This device can facilitate two-way communication along with the option to listen-in, which can be very helpful when discretely trying to locate a missing person.   Give your loved ones peace a mind when they are traveling, hiking, camping, etc.  Personal & vehicle tracking has never been easier. Lightweight and supplied with a rechargeable battery pack that lasts

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