Private Vehicles

Vehicle theft and hijackings  have been increasing at an alarming rate over the past years in all provinces of South Africa.
It is time to fight back and ensure you protect your family and vehicle with the best tracking and recovery system that you can afford.

You need Digit 247; we got the best.

All of our vehicle tracking devices are live systems that you can monitor 24/7 without calling us to tell you where your vehicle is.
All of these functions come with our handy cell phone app that allows you to locate or drive to your vehicle with a press of a button. You can even mark your car when it is standing still, and get notified when it starts moving.

Depending on the device we can even add functions like tamper warning, crash detection, and also a call me button, that if pressed will send you an SMS with the location of the vehicle.

Recovery is included in all the packages should the vehicle be stolen or hijacked.

We offer the following products for your vehicle

DFind – Vehicle Tracking, Recovery, and cell phone app

Dlite Private – Vehicle Tracking, recovery, cell phone app and web-based software

DCUT – Vehicle tracking, Recovery, cell phone app,  + THE ABILITY TO REMOTELY STOP YOUR CAR WITH A SMS


We also have a solution for your trailer, boat, and caravan. No installation needed, with a battery live of 2 Years.

Start a chat, give us a call or mail for more information, or to arrange your device today!!